How Many Games Can Nintendo Switch Hold

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming console known for its library of games spanning various genres and styles. If you’re a proud owner of this popular gaming device, you might be wondering just how many games it can hold. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the storage capacity of the Nintendo Switch and provide valuable insights to help you manage your game library effectively.

Understanding Nintendo Switch Storage Options

Before we delve into the number of games the Nintendo Switch can hold, let’s discuss the storage options available for the console:

  • Internal Storage: The Nintendo Switch comes with internal storage, typically ranging from 32GB to 64GB, depending on the model.
  • Expandable Storage: In addition to internal storage, users can expand the Switch’s storage capacity using microSDXC cards, allowing for additional game downloads and storage space.

Now, let’s explore how these storage options affect the number of games the Nintendo Switch can hold.

Factors Affecting Game Storage Capacity

Several factors influence the number of games you can store on your Nintendo Switch:

  • Game Sizes: The size of each game varies depending on factors such as graphics, content, and downloadable content (DLC). Larger, more graphically intensive games tend to occupy more storage space.
  • Internal Storage: The amount of internal storage available on your Nintendo Switch determines the baseline capacity for storing games directly on the console.
  • Expandable Storage: Adding a microSDXC card allows you to expand the Switch’s storage capacity, accommodating more game downloads and installations.

Now, let’s calculate the approximate number of games the Nintendo Switch can hold based on different storage scenarios.

How Many Games Can Nintendo Switch Hold

To estimate the number of games the Nintendo Switch can hold, we’ll use the following assumptions:

  • Average Game Size: We’ll assume an average game size of 10GB, which is a reasonable estimate based on the size of many popular Switch titles.
  • Internal Storage: For this calculation, we’ll consider a Switch model with 32GB of internal storage.
  • Expandable Storage: We’ll also factor in the addition of a 128GB microSDXC card for expanded storage capacity.

Based on these assumptions, let’s calculate the approximate number of games the Nintendo Switch can hold:

Internal Storage Only (32GB):

  • Approximate Number of Games: 32GB / 10GB = 3.2 games
  • Note: In reality, the Switch’s operating system and system files occupy some of the internal storage, so the actual number of games may be slightly lower.

Internal Storage + Expandable Storage (32GB + 128GB):

  • Total Storage: 32GB (internal) + 128GB (microSDXC) = 160GB
  • Approximate Number of Games: 160GB / 10GB = 16 games


The number of games the Nintendo Switch can hold depends on several factors, including internal storage capacity and the addition of expandable storage via microSDXC cards. By understanding these factors and making informed decisions about storage management, you can ensure that your Switch is equipped to handle a diverse library of games, providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment for gamers of all ages.

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